REALITYWEAR - OWN THE REALITYadidas REALITYWEAR is pre-stressed by the garment  workers who fashioned it—and who know a thing or two about real stress.
For the last century, adidas has OWNED THE GAME by making the best sportswear in the world. But the world changes, and consumers do too. For the next hundred years, adidas will OWN THE REALITY—giving consumers what they crave by not only doing well, but also by doing good––REALITYWEAR expresses the values of the new adidas by reminding the wearer of where their clothes come from. This limited line of high-performance gear is distressed in ways that tell the stories of our workers and the chain of responsibility we all share on this singular and finite planet.
Wake up to RealityWear
High-concept streetwear puts the shoe on the other foot and stitches together people from across the world—seamlessly.

Making clothes this good is hard—take it from the workers in our supply chain. They face inhumane conditions for low pay, sacrificing their own health and welfare so we can enjoy low prices. That’s why we are honoring their efforts with a line of worker-forward fashion that brings their daily reality to your doorstep every time you step out the door.
Meet the Co-CEOs